It’s summer, and everyone seems to be in a family vacation mood. So, are you also planning to spend some quality time with your family this summer? If the answer is YES, you will need to consider a few things before doing so. And so, here are ten family vacation tips for all, for having a grand time in the holidays.

10 Tips for spending quality time with your family in the holidays

Spending quality time with your family in the holidays can be tough but is certainly not impossible. Keep in mind these 10 vacation tips and you will have happy faces all around.

1. Off season trips

Going on a holiday with the entire family at a splendid location, especially during peak season, can turn out to be overwhelming, rather than pleasing. This happens especially when you have kids. You are so engrossed in taking care of the kids, and making them happy, that you forget to enjoy yourself.

The best way to prevent this is to take family vacations during off seasons, if possible. The crowd is less, so is the hustle & bustle in your holiday destination. And you know what this means don’t you – booking accommodation, having delicious meals and fun things to do at cheaper rates.

If you cannot take family vacation during off seasons, there is always the choice of turning a long weekend into a great family holiday, with a little bit of planning and fun activities for all.

2. Decide on a destination

It’s great that you are going on a family vacation but keep in mind that this vacation is for all the family members. So, choose a destination that caters to all age groups and has various fun activities for everyone to get into, from beaches to mountain views, rides, museums, playground for the kids to movie theaters, sightseeing and restaurants for the adults.

3. No heavy luggage

One of the important things to consider for spending quality time with your family is luggage; don’t take a whole lot of it. Packing only the things you need would mean that you’ll have more quality family time to enjoy. Be hassle-free with your luggage.

Wondering how to go with it? First, make a list of all the items that you think you’ll need for the holiday, consider each family member. Then, cross out half the items from everyone’s share. This way you’ll pack only the must have items for the trip.

4. Get vaccinated

If you are planning to go on a family holiday abroad, then don’t forget to take the necessary vaccines. Visit your doctor six weeks before your family holiday.

Get examined to see if everyone is healthy to travel. It is important to get vaccinated as it helps you stay protected against diseases like malaria, typhoid and so on, which is quite common in poorer countries. The vaccines will, thus, depend on the choice of your destination.

You will also need to carry medicines that your doctor may prescribe to you, or the ones you may need in your travels.

5. VISA or not

Another important thing to consider before traveling, whether you’re doing it for business or entertainment purposes, is if you need to have a passport and VISA.

If you require a passport, check that its expiry date is not within the next six months from your holiday duration. Note that if you have a new born baby, while traveling to another country, they also need to have a passport.

While some countries grant VISA once you land on the airport, others require you to get the VISA in advance from the concerned embassies or consulates. Like everything else, you’ll need to pay for VISA too.

6. Copies of important documents

This is a frequent travel advice you’d hear from travelers all over the world. You need to make hard/soft copies of all important documents such as travel insurance, passports, itinerary, flight details and contact details of embassies, your home as well as hotel you’ll be staying at.

Keep one set with yourself, and let your spouse handle the other. Better yet, email or save the soft copies online. Also, it is a good idea to provide a copy of these documents to one of your family members, or a trusted friend back home.

This way, if these documents get lost, you will still have necessary information to make new ones. Plus, if you face any difficulties in your travel or holiday, your family member or the friend back home can help you resolve the setbacks with the help of the copies of your travel documents you made.

7. Keep your home in order

Before you leave for your family vacation, just make sure you have an organized and clean home to come back to. Even as you arrive home after having a wonderful time on your vacation, you will still have the holiday hangover. You certainly wouldn’t want to go back to doing chores right off the bat.

So, take out all the rubbish and dispose them off before you leave. Finish your laundry and don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink. One more important thing – Don’t leave perishable food items out in the kitchen! You don’t want the whole place to stink when you return, now do you? Also, make sure that you don’t have expired food items in the fridge, and if you do, clean it up before setting up for the holiday.

8. Inform your well-wishers about the holiday

It’s best to inform your family members, close friends and neighbors about your family holiday. They will know that you are away, and could even be of some help to you. You can ask them to look after your plants, collect the mails, keep a watch on your home, and take care of your furry pets, if you’re not taking them with you.

9. Rent some stuff

Like I said before, don’t pack the house for your family holiday. Most of the stuff you or your family needs can be easily rented at your destination.

10. Bring a first-aid kit

We know that kids can get a little hyper while on vacation, and during their exploration, they might get minor bumps here and there. It is a must to carry a simple first-aid kit, to treat all the small cuts & bruises that the small/ grown ones may have. Along with band aids, keep allergy medications, and other drugs that you take on a routine basis

I hope that these 10 holiday tips for spending quality time with your family come in handy when you plan for a great vacation.

Please feel free to share your family holiday experiences, tips and travel advices in the comments section below, for families planning their trips for the summer. We would love to hear them.

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