Wherever you travel, getting from the airport to your lodging destination, and everywhere in between is on top of your travel transportation list. If you are new to a city, you’ll find it difficult to deal with the public transportation. Different cities have different transportation conventions to comply with, and travelling is fun if, and only if you conform to those basic conventions.

Hailing a taxi is no exception. If you do not wish to get unpleasant surprises and face embarrassing situations while hailing a taxi, you need to get acquainted with few of the etiquette.

  1. Wave like you mean to hail a taxi

If you really wish to hail a taxi, a halfhearted attempt will not work. Raise your hand high and wave wholeheartedly- like you know what you are doing. Remember, other potential customers are behind you waving faster and harder! If you lag behind, most drivers will get confused and ignore you. So, wave, jump around, whistle, and do whatever you can to let the driver know that you desperately want to hail a taxi.

  1. Know the address

Know where you are going before hailing a taxi. Nothing is more annoying to a taxi driver than a confused passenger who doesn’t know the address. Rather than saying “Get me to a big hotel next to the church with a fountain in front”, make sure you have the exact address handy. If you are in a different country, get the address and directions in the country’s native language.

  1. Be ready to pay

Make sure you have your money handy to pay the driver. The last thing a driver wants in his taxi is an annoying passenger who counts his/her pennies after reaching the destination. Have enough dollars with you to pay the tab, and do not forget to tip accordingly.

  1. Decide who sits where

Generally, the customers are expected to sit in the back seat of the taxi. If, for some reason, one of you has to ride up front, ask for the permission from the driver. If you are travelling with small children, make them sit in the back so they are safer. Small children are likely to distract the driver if they are permitted to sit next to him/her.  If you are with your guests or seniors, let them have the seat in the back, closest to the curb.

  1. Tip the driver

One of the taxi hailing etiquette briefs that you should always tip your driver. He should receive 15-20% of the total value of your bill. You can make the percentage larger if your driver puts an extra effort, and helps you with your bags and carry them to the curb.

  1. Search for a reliable taxi service

If you do not wish to hail a taxi, you can reach out to a dependable taxi service provider in the area. No need to wait and show your hailing tactics; just reserve your taxi service, and leave the rest.

Have a wonderful taxi ride!

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